RUN-PC Triage Tool 

Responding to Urgency of Need in Palliative Care

The RUN–PC Triage Tool is a novel evidence-based specialist palliative care triage decision-making tool to facilitate equitable, efficient and transparent allocation of specialist palliative care services by urgency of need.


The tool was developed through a pioneering body of research led by Dr Beth Russell at the Palliative Medicine Research Group (now Palliative Nexus) at the University of Melbourne and

St Vincent’s Hospital, together with the Centre for Palliative Care. It is underpinned by a qualitative study, a large international discrete choice experiment and a validation study (publication coming soon) using expert opinion as the reference standard.

Incorporating 7 items across physical, psychosocial and caregiver domains, the RUN–PC Triage Tool provides a score out of 100 points by which the urgency of one patient’s needs may be compared against another’s. Suggested response times for any given range of scores are under development for community, inpatient and hospital consultation settings.

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The development of the RUN-PC Triage Tool was supported by the Victorian State Government Department of Health and Human Services, the St Vincent’s Hospital Research Endowment Fund, the Bethlehem Griffiths Research Foundation and the Australian Government Research Training Program Scholarships.


The RUN-PC Triage Tool pilot implementation project was supported by the Victorian State Government Department of Health and Human Services, Safer Care Victoria and Melbourne City Mission.