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Clinical Trials

Expanding the Evidence Base

Our research program is expanding the evidence underpinning treatments in palliative care

We are collaborating with Palliative Care Clinical Studies Collaboratie (PaCCSC) and Cancer Symptom Trials (CST) as investigators on a series of RAPID post marketing/pharmacovigilance and practice intervention monitoring studies. We are participating in this international collaboration, with a key role in the studies examining:

Medicinal Cannabis prescribing in palliative care

The Symptoms and their Management in COVID-19 as observed in palliative care services.

The impact and opportunities of Telehealth in palliative care.

The management of Lymphoedema associated with cancer.

We are expanding access to clinical trials for palliative care patients attending hospitals involved in the Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre (VCCC) alliance, including Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne, Western Health, Austin Health, Royal Melbourne, and the Royal Children’s Hospital.


By increasing clinical trial understanding and capability of clinicians, increasing research activity and simultaneously increasing the number of clinical trials available to palliative care patients - the provision of evidence based best practice care is increased.

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