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RUN-PC Triage Tool Calculator

Image by Brett Jordan


RUN–PC Triage Calculator



Please read the User Manual before using this calculator.


In the case of a suspected or impending medical emergency (eg spinal cord compression, SVC obstruction, airway obstruction, seizures, acute bleeding) or psychiatric emergency (eg agitated delirium, suicidality), discuss with a senior clinician immediately, regardless of score.

NB: A score of zero indicates low urgency rather than the referral being inappropriate for specialist palliative care and a high score may not always mean that the client is appropriate for specialist palliative care. Triage officers should continue to assess appropriateness and eligibility as a separate decision as per their local protocols.

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The RUN-PC Triage Tool and User Manual are materials licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 licence. You are free to re‑use the materials under that licence, on the condition that: (a) you credit SVHM as author of the materials; (b) you do not commercialise the materials (this includes making the materials available only to paying end users); and (c)  you do not produce derivative works from the materials except with the written permission of SVHM. For avoidance of doubt, any translation of the materials requires the written permission of SVHM and use and dissemination of such translation will be subject to the same terms as are stated in this licence.

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