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RUN-PC Triage Tool Training Modules

Responding to Urgency of Need in Palliative Care

These four training modules can be accessed by groups of staff when implementing the RUN-PC Triage Tool at your specialist palliative care service, or by individuals to refresh or on-board staff members.


Module 1: Introduction to triage in palliative care (18 mins)

 - What is triage and where does it fit in palliative care?

 - The ethics and rationale of evidence-based triage

 - Reflection: Your current practice and attitudes towards palliative care triage

Module 2: Development of the RUN-PC Triage Tool (34 mins)

 - Study 1: Qualitative work

 - Study 2: Scoring System

 - Study 3: Validation and Recommended Responses 



Module 3: Using the RUN-PC Triage Tool (57 mins)

 - RUN-PC Triage Tool item definitions and user tips

 - Worked examples for the inpatient setting

 - Worked examples for the community setting

 - Frequently asked questions

Module 4: Implementing the RUN-PC Triage Tool (21 mins)

 - Planning phase

 - Implementation phase

 - Maintenance phase

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The RUN-PC Triage Tool Training Modules are materials licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 licence. You are free to re‑use the materials under that licence, on the condition that: (a) you credit SVHM as author of the materials; (b) you do not commercialise the materials (this includes making the materials available only to paying end users); and (c) you do not produce derivative works from the materials except with the written permission of SVHM. For avoidance of doubt, any translation of the materials requires the written permission of SVHM and use and dissemination of such translation will be subject to the same terms as are stated in this licence.

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