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RUN-PC Triage Tool Training Modules

Responding to Urgency of Need in Palliative Care

These four training modules can be accessed by groups of staff when implementing the RUN-PC Triage Tool at your specialist palliative care service, or by individuals to refresh or on-board staff members.


Module 1: Introduction to triage in palliative care (18 mins)

 - What is triage and where does it fit in palliative care?

 - The ethics and rationale of evidence-based triage

 - Reflection: Your current practice and attitudes towards palliative care triage

Module 2: Development of the RUN-PC Triage Tool (34 mins)

 - Study 1: Qualitative work

 - Study 2: Scoring System

 - Study 3: Validation and Recommended Responses 



Module 3: Using the RUN-PC Triage Tool (57 mins)

 - RUN-PC Triage Tool item definitions and user tips

 - Worked examples for the inpatient setting

 - Worked examples for the community setting

 - Frequently asked questions

Module 4: Implementing the RUN-PC Triage Tool (21 mins)

 - Planning phase

 - Implementation phase

 - Maintenance phase

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The RUN-PC Triage Tool Training Modules are materials licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 licence. You are free to re‑use the materials under that licence, on the condition that: (a) you credit St Vincent’s Hospital (Melbourne) Limited as author of the materials; (b) you do not commercialise the materials and (c)  you do not produce derivative works from the materials.

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