Care Plus Study

A multi-site implementation of early palliative care in routine practice to improve health outcomes and reduce hospital admissions for people with advanced cancer.




Significant international evidence suggests that when people with cancer access early palliative care at key ‘transition points’ in their illness in addition to their usual care, they describe having fewer symptoms and better quality of life. They also feel more supported and their families also feel more supported. We will seek to introduce practice change into the health system based on this evidence, which involves standardising early palliative care (Care Plus) at established transition points for patients with advanced cancer. 

Primary outcome

To reduce acute hospitalisation days in the last three months of life for people with advanced cancer. 

Potential Impact

By implementing Care Plus for people with cancer across a series of hospitals, we will reduce the variability and increase the equitable access to best evidence based care.

Key contact

Jennifer Philip (, Roslyn Le Gaultier - link


NHMRC-MRFF Keeping Australians Out of Hospital Grant