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Our Team

Dedication. Expertise. Commitment.

Prof Jennifer Philip 001.jpg

Prof Jennifer Philip, is Chair of Palliative Medicine at University of Melbourne, a palliative care clinician, researcher and teacher whose work aims to improve equity of access to high quality care underpinned by high quality evidence is available to all with needs. She leads the Palliative Nexus Group. 

Prof Jennifer Philip

Anna Collins port.jpeg

Dr Anna Collins is a post-doctoral research fellow at Palliative Nexus, leading the Service Models for Serious Illness and Evolving Communities programs of research. Her research aims to improve timely engagement with quality end of life care. 

Dr Anna Collins

Kylee Bellingham.jpg

Kylee Bellingham is a Research Fellow as part of our project team working on Care Plus implementation and better care for those suffering from Pancreatic cancer

Kylee Bellingham

Farwa pic 4-.jpg

Dr Farwa Rizvi is a Research Fellow working on the Care Plus study and better care for those suffering from Pancreatic cancer

Dr Farwa Rizvi

Marissa Mulcahy.jpg

The First Nations Cancer Coordinator 

Marissa Mulcahy

Joyce Chua.JPG

Joyce is a trained palliative care nurse and co-ordinates multiple projects supporting clinical trials. 

Joyce Chua

Tanya 2021 (4).jpg

Project Office and Research Administrator

Tanya Fraser

Lucy Demediuk.jpg

Clinical Trials Coordinator

Lucy Demediuk


Clinical Trials Coordinator

Angela Chia

Mollie Wilson.jpg

Research Officer

Mollie Wilson

Georgia Christopoulos.jpeg

Research Assistant, Palliative Medicine

working on better care for those suffering from Pancreatic cancer

Georgia Christopoulos


Our Team


Brian is the Director of Parkville Integrated Palliative Care Service, and a key collaborator of Palliative Nexus on many studies across our research programs

Prof Brian Le


Aaron is a Medical Oncologist, Palliative Care Physician and Clinical Trial Fellow, and a collaborating researcher with Palliative Nexus on opioid pharmogenomics

Dr Aaron Wong


Vijaya is an Associate Professor at University of Melbourne, and a longstanding collaborator of Palliative Nexus bringing her health services research and analytic skills to our research programs

AProf Vijaya Sundararajan

david marco.jpg

David is a Research Fellow at the Centre for Palliative Care with a keen interest in bringing quantitative data to the clinical interface, and collaborating with Palliative Nexus on our Service Models for Serious Illness Program

Dr  David Marco

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