Meet The Team

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Dr Roslyn Le Gautier

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Ros is a Research Fellow for the CARE Plus Study implementing routine early palliative care for people with cancer across three hospital sites.

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Dr Stacey Panozzo

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Stacey is a Research Fellow working on models of care for people experiencing vulnerability, including prisoners, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, those experiencing mental health illness, addictions, and/or homelessness.

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Leeanne Pasanen

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Leeanne is a Program Trial Coordinator building palliative care clinical trial capability across the Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre. 


Olivia Wawryk

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Olivia is a Researcher working on The CHOICE Project to enable choices for care in serious cancer, and supporting our Service Models and Evolving Communities Research Programs as a Data Analyst.

Our People

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Dr Anna Collins

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Anna is Lead of two of our Research Programs at Palliative Nexus developing Service Models for Serious Illness and Evolving Communities to improve engagement with timely quality end of life care. 

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Prof Jennifer Philip

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Jenny is Head of our Palliative Nexus research group, as Chair of Palliative Medicine for the University of Melbourne and St Vincent’s Hospital, partnering with the Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre, to advance equity, access and quality of care in serious illness.

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Tanya Fraser, EA

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Tanya Fraser is Executive Assistant to Prof Jennifer Philip and assists the team with administrative and marketing initiatives.

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Dr Beth Russell

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Beth is a Palliative Medicine Physician and Researcher currently undertaking her PhD with Palliative Nexus on Triage in Palliative Care. 

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Dr Kathryn Ducharlet

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Kathryn is a Nephrologist pursuing her research and clinical interests in Renal Supportive Care through a PhD with Palliative Nexus.

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Dr Matthew Grant

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Matt is a Palliative Medicine Physician and General Practitioner currently undertaking his PhD with Palliative Nexus on informal networks of care for cancer patients. 

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Rachel Coghlan

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Rachel supports our Evolving Communities program at Palliative Nexus, and is a PhD Student at the Centre for Humanitarian Leadership of Deakin University on the integration of palliative care in humanitarian responses.

Meet Our Affiliates

brian le.jpg

A/Prof Brian Le

Brian is the Director of Parkville Integrated Palliative Care Service, and a key collaborator of Palliative Nexus on many studies across our research programs


Dr Aaron Wong

Aaron is a Medical Oncologist, Palliative Care Physician and Clinical Trial Fellow, and a collaborating researcher with Palliative Nexus on opioid pharmogenomics

david marco.jpg

Dr David Marco

David is a Research Fellow at the Centre for Palliative Care with a keen interest in bringing quantitative data to the clinical interface, and collaborating with Palliative Nexus on our Service Models for Serious Illness Program


Prof Vijaya Sundararajan

Vijaya is a Professor of Public Health at LaTrobe University, and a longstanding collaborator of Palliative Nexus bringing her health services research and analytic skills to our research programs


Dr Stephanie Schwetlik

Steph is a palliative care physician interested in needs of people with severe heart failure.


Dr  Camille La Brooy

Camille is a social scientist leading a project on the community response and impact of Voluntary Assisted Dying legislation in Victoria.

Wai-Kwan Chislett.jpg

Wai-Kwan Chislett

Wai-Kwan is a researcher working on a study exploring community perceptions of Voluntary Assisted Dying.


Dr Natasha Smallwood

Natasha is a Respiratory Physician whose program of research focuses on palliative care needs in non-malignant lung disease.