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Public activities

By far 2019 was our largest leap in engaging with all audiences and demographics about the quality of care at end of life for people with cancer and non-malignant disease.

Our team delivered speaking activities both national and internationally, notably, speaking at ......

To listen to a delivery by Prof Jennifer Philip on "Living with Cancer" hosted by the Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre in October, please click on the link below.

Historical media

A significant part of our engagement involves media activities including the following:

Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre "Living with Cancer event: Palliative care is not the end"by Jennifer Philip

The Conversation "Five common myths about palliative care and what the science really says", by Anna Collins

The Conversation "What is Palliative Care - A patient’s journey through the system" Matt Grant, Anna Collins, Jennifer Philip

The Conversation "It’s not all about death: Conversations with patients in palliative care" by Matt Grant

The Herald Sun: "Focus must be on palliative care not dying" by Prof Jennifer Philip

Pursuit Magazine: "The language of living and dying" by Prof Jennifer Philip

Pursuit Magazine: "Triaging the Terminally Ill" by Dr Beth Russell 

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