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Evolving Communities Research

Involving People, Evolving Communities, Fashioning Care 

Our research program seeks to harness the expertise of our community and the health sector to realise best outcomes for care in serious illness

We are engaging people with cancer and the general community to improve understandings around options for care in serious illness, and the testing the impact of our approach on patient, community and health system outcomes.

By partnering with community, we are increasing their literacy of options for care at the end of life, to in turn, enable choice, reduce suffering, and realise preferences in serious illness.

Community often report limited or inaccurate understandings about palliative care, and the media as a key source of their knowledge. This ongoing media monitoring project is describing the nature of palliative care reporting in the media.


By identifying opportunities to optimise media reporting, we are expanding and supporting public understanding of choices for care in serious illness.

The achievement of quality end of life care is more likely to be realised through a policy agenda which reflects the evidence for “best care”. This study is examining Australian policy and engaging policy stakeholders to describe the current priorities and processes to guide end of life care.

We are identifying opportunities to develop evidence-informed, systematic, transparent and inclusive policy to realise best practice palliative and end of life care for all Australians with serious illness.

People with cancer frequently draw on their own, naturally-occurring, informal networks of care to support their illness experience. This study is examining the interactions and relationships of informal communities in cancer care.


By defining the role of informal communities for people with cancer, we are enabling future opportunities to partner with these networks to enhance cancer care.

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