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Cancer Immunotherapy symptoms: the experience and the expectations around management  

Doctor and Patient


In the clinical trial setting patient selection criteria is strict and the treatment protocols highly regulated.  Immunotherapies are now increasingly available to people with cancer outside the clinical trial setting, including in Australia via the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme. Little is known about the adverse symptom experience of patients receiving immunotherapy treatment outside the clinical trial setting and to whom patients report these adverse symptoms.


Key Aims (s)

  • To develop an understanding of the adverse symptoms experienced by patients receiving immunotherapy treatment for advanced cancer.

  • To investigate patient perceptions of who they see as responsible for adverse symptom management.


Potential impact

A greater understanding of the symptoms experienced by people with cancer receiving immunotherapy will inform the priorities for research directions regarding the management of these symptoms including adverse effects. This is increasingly important as immunotherapy becomes more widely used.

Key contact

Leeanne Pasanen



Primary Care Collaborative Cancer Clinical Trials Group (PC4)

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